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About Me
Hi! My name is Carly Weekley and I love what I do!

Why photography?
I believe that photography is not only an art, but one of our greatest forms of communication. I believe a good photo will make you feel something.  It can help you understand a relationship, allow you to relive an emotion, or simply smile for no reason. For me, a good photo gives you back the little things you may miss or overlook everyday, reminds you to appreciate everything that you have. That’s why I love what I do. 

I have always been intrigued by the way that humans relate to one another and the world around them.  I love working with people, getting to know someone through the images that I capture. That’s why my focus is on the moments between - between the poses.  That’s where
you find what is real, the genuine. Whether it’s showing how much your new
fiance makes you laugh, highlighting how much your kids have grown, or
capturing the way you light up when your new husband calls you
"wife," I will help you hold on to those moment for a lifetime with
images that bring back smiles.